My services

My services

Digital Nomads work while traveling and travel while working. Some of them do have a home base, others have no place to return to. I will be one of those without a place to return to. Although I’m convinced I can stay with good friends if I do wish to return to the Netherlands for some sort of reason.
But there will be no place called ‘home’ any more. Home will be where ever my heart is and my feet walk.

In order to do so I needed a career change.
Since the coworking space is closed down due to my travel plans, and there are no tickets yet, the time in between me traveling to Schiphol Airport and now, I will use to focus on my career.
Everyday I search on Freelance, Elance and Odesk for jobs. I’m planning book number 3, which accidentally developed while I was writing my Dutch columns for an online magazine.

But all of that won’t be enough to keep my in the air.

Since I’m an experienced blogger whom started blogging when no one ever heard of a blog. (those days the dinosaurs walked around on the earth) I do have a lot of expertise inside my head. This expertise is now becoming a product and slowly evolving into a service.

Same thing with photography. I was a part-time semi professional photographer for a few years, and now I have this huge amount of photo’s in stock…’s…… stock…..stockphoto’s. Yes unique material, free of use, tagged with your domain-name to it ready to be placed on your website. On sale now.

And there is this writers thing, I’m so good in SEO friendly text writing for websites, blogs etc. That is would be a shame not to grant the public the use. As former webshop owner I know about product descriptions, as guest blogger for many business blogs I know about what readers want to read about. What’s hot and what’s not. And I can deliver text on almost any subject, free of plagiarism.
Short story? No problem. Column? Invite me! In need of a guest blogger? I’m your guy girl.

There is a new page on this blog called “About my Services”.
Hire a writer, hire me!
Ask me all about your blog, first questions I will answer for free. Sometimes even answered in a blogpost with a backlink to your website if you allow me to. Are you in need for more specialized advice on maintaining your blog, attracting more visitors and creating more interaction? Let me write a report with tips, tricks and advice specially and uniquely for you and your website.

Any doubt on wether you should start a blog or not? Feel free to ask me. I will tell you what is takes to be a successful professional or hobby blogger for al that matter.

Same thing with chancing your lifestyle: dreaming of becoming a digital nomad? Don’t hesitate to ask me what it takes to be one and to prepare for your wanderlust future.
I’m in the middle of my preps, and things are speeding up right now. So you get first hand on the job experience information.
At the moment I’m still in the Netherlands in a place I call ‘home’, but I might be blogging next month or so My services worldwidefrom underneath a palm tree overlooking the ocean and looking up every now and then, to check if there aren’t any coconuts about to drop down on my head.
Or laptop……dreadful idea.

Did you know that per year about 150 people get killed by falling coconuts?
Well, that’s what they say.

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