My YouTube Video got Demonetised

My YouTube Video got Demonetised

Every YouTuber that runs Google Ads on his or her YouTube channel complains about demonetisation experiences. And some major channel even throw in the towel and search for other ways to pay daily expenses.

The way I see it, YouTube is on a fast lane ruin it’s own platform

YouTube is changing into a rubbish channel full of cheap entertainment and click bait titles. No more room for educational and quality videos or freedom for ‘show and tell’.
Using new designed filters in order to keep their own revenue up and advertisers happy, they crawl YouTube banning everyone that does not pass the unclear, unspecified and mostly unreasonable filters.
As if we are all beheading prisoners, cursing all day and showing graphic violence on our channels.

Advertisers should get their act together and just start advertising again, without asking YouTube to filter beyond repair every channel on the platform on the back end.

Even my travel channel is under investigation and some of my videos got demonetised already

In the one minute videos, to name a few

    • the roasting of the lechon,
    • the chopping it up
    • the bola bola healer on Siquijor island

are banned from advertisement.
Also the truck parked in the side of the road sunk with one wheel in the dirt is demonetised.

Really YouTube….how is all that not family friendly?

It is culture, it is fiesta, it is daily life, and these are my best watched videos

The larger YouTube channels are highly affected by this new policy. Some people, the moment they upload videos they get a ban. For no reason whatsoever.

I wonder what YouTube is thinking?
Are they systematically killing the bigger solitary influencers?
Keeping only those large channels they support and are connected to alive and creating this way more revenue for themselves?
Or in some weird way of thinking they want the platform to be demonetised in total, except for a few channels they support, so it will be less of a paperwork in the back end?

The fact that you can upload prank videos, or, for example, the one where two guys throwing a massive piece of concrete on the road in the middle of the night and a motor rider hitting it and crashing, or a 3 year old with a gun, somehow that is okay, and they run ads.

But travel and culture gets a ban?

Let’s talk about ethics and YouTube

Suppose you are in an accident, and the crowd is filming your misery and uploading it massively to YouTube, or streaming it life? What if your loved ones see it first in their feed before they get contacted by the police?

What about the video where 2 girls walk on a highway using their cell phone and one gets smashed by a car and the other girl never saw what happened. People actually think that is funny, comments state things like: lol……hahaha, that’s weird……

How about the parents of the dead girl?

Shouldn’t YouTube filter on stuff like that instead?

There is absolutely no sense in the filters YouTube is using only ‘to please the advertisers’ whatever that means.

YouTube should either redefine the filters, hire more staff to fix their platform and control on the front end on videos that are disrespectful, show extreme violence or endanger people, instead of doing it afterwards on the back end, without any form of communication other than a huge banner in your screen.

Like so many other YouTubers I cry: Why me? Why these videos?

My income on YouTube is merely coffee money, it does not even cover my hosting fees for my website, or gasoline for the motorbike. But I’m considering giving up under this new regime.

I do spent a lot of time on the channel editing the vlogs and driving around movies
And I spent so much of my limited Filipino data on uploading videos that i could spent otherwise.
But I always thought is was fun.
Now it is no fun anymore, for now I also have to contact YouTube and start the endless discussion of having them review my videos manually (and there is a huge cue!)
And once they did look at my review request, the videos that are demonetized only show a message like: Due to huge cues we only review videos with over a thousand views, once your video reaches that threshold we will review it.
So my 800+ watched video does not get reviewed?? WTF!

Did you know that

  • my data here is limited to 800mb per day?
  • And that I use two providers to find the fastest internet for it differs from day to day which provider is the fastest and most reliable?
  • And that I have 4G only on White Beach?
  • And that 800mb per day for 30 days costs 995 pesos which is 16 euro (per provider)
  • those cost do not include the pocket wifi that needs replacement often due to the feeble electricity in this country?

I can use my data so much better than browsing through my playlists finding the demonetised videos and uploading videos with the risk of being banned.

I also have this dream, like so many others, to have an income from advertising revenue

Why bother? I thought yesterday after spending over an hour online screening through my videos to find the demonetised ones and putting them up for manual review, what is the point?

Being honest: Yes of course I had a dream of paying my bills from advertising revenue.
But since the channel is not growing much at all, it is more an expensive hobby and creative outlet. And with nobody ever donating a penny maybe I should reconsider?
Because now with this ban, it all of a sudden becomes real work (like the website) and it is more about unclear YouTube ethics and keeping YouTube advertisers happy than it is fun anymore.

It is trolls and YouTube filters, Google bots and Facebook shareholders and Advertisers that rule the internet more and more

Yesterday I was thinking: Not so sure what to do with the channel. I might keep it up but skip on the vlogs and the driving around playlist, they take a massive editing time and bulks of data. Maybe go back to what it once was: One Minute Videos. Nothing more, nothing less……..but then I might as well move to Facebook entirely.

Okey, this is me being pissed of by YouTube, missing that few dollars I made on my cultural videos that have licensed music, no spoken words, show the Philippines in all its glory and honesty.
And despite all that got demonetised.

Crazy world!

I guess it is water under the bridge, we all just have to adapt.
Here is some water…… 😉 not under a bridge though.

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