One minute video channel

One minute video channel

On YouTube you can subscribe to my One Minute Video Channel.

It shows daily life in the Philippines in it’s purest form. From sunsets to an average weekday at a market place, a working day for roadbuilders, you name it, I will film it.

The ‘One Minute’- concept is a better concept for both viewers and maker. Since the internet is slow, it sometimes takes up to half an hour to upload a one minute video. From a viewers point of view one minute might be just enough time to get an impression of life in the Philippines.

The Leaving Holland Youtube Channel was searching for it’s true identity these first few months of my life in the Philippines. I started out with longer videos, lots of editing, but that didn’t work for me. I noticed I started shooting short impressions and that worked just fine. Actually I love doing it. And therefor I changed the concept to short RAW video.  
No intro, no hassle, just watch them and if you want more information you will find it at the end of each moment.

The one thing I’m still working on now is one minute vlogs. That sounds easy, but to me it is not. But I keep practising and they will be up soon.

Here is a one minute video of some guys with a huge piece of tropical lumber, getting it to shore. I saw them approaching around the cliff on one side of Punta Ballo Bay. the lumber was on bamboo drifters and after a while they had to get it to shore. A short impression of a heavy duty job. Don;t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel!



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