Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue, the ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset is a valuable quality in a person. And I see a lot of it in the Philippines. It is a character trait that seems to be embedded deeply in the Filipino culture and society. Seldom I see people loose their temper and with great respect I see people do daily chores, repeating the same work over and over again.

Like the endless laundry in the large households. Women (but also men) sit at the well or washing place, since a water tap in the house is a luxury here. And washing at the well a social activity. Patiently they wash the mounts of clothing and bed linen.

Working in the rice fields, with feet stuck in the mud, bend over, people work the rice fields, from dawn till dusk. Planting, weeding, harvesting. Row by row they work through the large fields.

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Preserving the harvest or the catch of the day, laying out small fish to dry, one by one, turning them, to speed up the process. Raking the corn or rice as it dries in the sun by the side of the road, time after time, Gathering it in when it rains, spreading it out when the sun comes out again. And endless process.

Chopping stones into little cobbles. For sale, 24 pesos per rice bag, hand chopped. Most of them make overtime and work after regular working hours till late at night, to make some extra money.

The Filipino people seem to have a huge tolerance when it comes to life. Where poeple in the Western Society tend to rush, run and keep track of time, time is easily lost here while sifting through the rice.

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