Philippines: The new Visa Extension Form, hassle free and fast

Philippines: The new Visa Extension Form, hassle free and fast

The Philippines is always known for its visa friendly procedures. Although sometimes it could get a bit confusing on what to bring and what to leave out. Lucky for us visitors the officers and staff in the offices are always friendly and willing to help out in advice and the endless checklist.

But things have changed and the Bureau of Immigration has made an enormous step forward when it comes to digitalising the visa extension process for non immigrant and non resident stay.

The form is so simple that maybe even one day an officer will think: lets just accept the passport and work from there.

Did you have to bring in the past the following:

  • Photos
  • xerox copies of ACR, bio page, visa page passport
  • checklist
  • applicationform

Now you need not to worry about all that anymore.

Just fill out the very simple form and when your visa is processed right away you will be out within 20 minutes

Visa form Philippines 2017No need for foreign address, flight number, profession, etc.etc. just: name, passport number, visa dates, height, eye color, address of stay in the Philippines and your status (single, married etc), signature and your done.

Now one more step up and being able to pay with an ATM card or creditcard  would certainly add to the quality of the offices, but than again, living in the Philippines is all about cash money, so I can get used to this new system even without online payment.

I love the new visa extension form it is hassle free and so easy!



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2 thoughts on “Philippines: The new Visa Extension Form, hassle free and fast

  1. Actually, ability to pay and process on line would be extremely beneficial for me.
    I live on the Island of Masbate; there is no BOI office here. I must board a “fast” ferry at 8:00 am having paid p396 for passage. Once landing in the port of Pilar at 12nn, I must then find and stuff myself into a van meant for 12 but loaded with 16 costing p80 per head and taking another full hour to “leisurely” drive the mountain road to Legazpi. Usually 30 minutes in BOI office, then back to an overpriced tricycle to return to the van transfer station where I catch another p80 overloaded van back to Pilar port so that I can buy a p396 Fast ferry tick back to Masbate arriving at 7 pm. To be able to do this on-line (such as how most transactions occur in since 2004) would be a REAL improvement. Cutting a one page form down to 1/2 page is token attention at best.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of travelling!! I travel 2 hours to and 2 hours back, so that makes 4, to spent a whole day hanging around waiting for the visa extension to be processed. And like you I spent way too much money getting to and from the office.

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