Plugs and Sockets in the Philippines

Plugs and Sockets in the Philippines

I do get questions about plugin your electrical stuff in here, what kind of power plug you need. Well, most hotels I’ve been in had these universal wall sockets. I could plug my European plug in without using a converter.

The outage is 220V. So that is no problem. Most wall sockets I saw so far, were not grounded.

Now I brought a converter, just in case. But I shouldn’t have bothered, the other day i walked in the Handyman store, they are all over the country, where there is a SM Mall or a Robinsons Place you will find a Handyman, and I’m sure they sell them at building supply shops as well, I saw lots and lots of converters. And you know what? They were a lot cheaper than the one I bought at home.

I paid about 10 euro for mine and here they only cost 41.75 pesos, that is less than a euro. And they work even better. They fit better in the wall socket where the one I bought before coming here, keeps dropping out.

Now I know the world is larger than European plugs, so I found this informative website  about international standards for plugs and sockets. You might want to check that one and see what plugs you can use in which country. They have a worldwide coverage on that.

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As you might know, I’m a woman and not a very technical one, so I’m going to keep this blog a short one. For I have not much to say on the subject. I just wanted to let you readers know that if you forget your converter, there is no problem! You just have to visit a hardware store in the Philippines.

If you don’t want to rush of Cebu airport or Manila airport straight to the Handyman Store, it might be wise to bring one from home.

Make sure to bring a non grounded one for that will fit in about any socket.

Another tip on the electricity thing here: During a brownout, unplug all your valuables. When the power comes on again, I’m told it could cause damage to your electronics, since it will not always be a controlled 220V.

I have no first hand experience on that one, it is just hear-say, and maybe I make a complete fool of myself going about the place unplugging everything, but I’m rather safe than sorry.

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