Puerto Galera Beaches, Big La Laguna

Puerto Galera Beaches, Big La Laguna

Sometimes when walking around int he tourist spots in Puerto Galera one has to wonder where those beaches are. In Sabang it is easy, not much m=beach left. Although they make a nice attempt to recreate the beach feel in the right side of the parking area at the end of the road entering Sabang. I saw the other day that that little cove is all sandy now.

The other side, where all the stone walls of restaurants and dive resorts rise up from what once must have been a gorgeous beach is so poor that you wonder why people bother to come to Sabang.
Yet there are some secrets, and if you follow the pathway along the sea all the way across the cliff and ‘through’ the mountain, there is a nice hidden beach, that has some good holiday feel left of sand, coral, palmtrees and a holiday away from it all.

You can also get there by car or motorcycle. But than you have to know how to walk to find it. Like with so many beach accesses in the Philippines you get the distinct feeling you are trespassing to get there. You cross hotel grounds, backyards and walk through small alleys that do not look like access points at all.

Yet they are.

On my YouTube Channel, in the new playlist ‘walking around’, I take my viewers on a walk to find those beaches.

Here is the first of a few to come: Walking to Big La Laguna Beach, a coral sand white beach in a little bay, next to Sabang Beach.

Enjoy the walk!

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