Puerto Galera, Mindoro, town centre

Puerto Galera, Mindoro, town centre

Returning two years later to Puerto Galera I do notice some major improvements to the town centre and the shopping area in Puerto Galera.

First of all: clear traffic lanes, roads are finished and made of concrete and there is a lot of one way traffic, which makes traffic a lot better to handle than two years ago, when traffic was a massive jam.

In the Philippines there is no such thing as ‘lanes’ people just ride, regardless the markings

The restaurants have improved. New eateries and new burger place, a nice German coffee house with (european) pancakes and bratwurst burger, grilled sandwiches and good coffee.

The pizza place Grillo, in the middle of the town has changed owners and is about to open under a new name: Chef.
I hope they will serve other food than italian food, for there are way too many Italian restaurants in the whole area.

The supermarket Candava has improved a lot and stepped into the 21st century. It was already the most upscale supermarket in the area, but with the new setup it is even better.
Well stocked, cashiers scan the products and there is a large parking space in the back.

it is a typical Filipino town, with lots of little shops

For the rest of the shops? There is a mismatch of all sorts. I guess everything you need for daily life is available, but it is difficult to find.

The Public Market got a facelift and is freshened up with white and purple paint. But also inside it is clean and well stocked with lots of fresh meat, fish and veggies.

The new building called Centro Mall looks promising and if you believe the design sketch there will be a BDO and a Jolibee, both will be a huge addition to the town centre. But I doubt that will really happen, a sketch is just a sketch in this country and not always based on reality.

I took a ride through the busy town centre, so you can see for yourself.

Enjoy the ride!

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