Refocussing a Skill every Global Nomad should have

Refocussing a Skill every Global Nomad should have

The most important skill, besides your online work abilities, that a global nomad needs to have is to be able to refocus.

Every airport brings a new home and every seaport new faces and friends and every town new workspace.

You are in constant movement and constant adjusting. And you are not only a nomad because you do not have a home to return to, you are also a nomad because you constantly shift in your mind.

When you live in an ‘ordinary setting’ and your cute little cubicle going to work 9-5 every day in the same office there is not much to refocus. Maybe the cleaning department moved the family photo a little more to the left, or you will find your keyboard on top of your computers monitor. Or maybe you get a promotion to an office, but that is all you get on your share of ‘refocussing moments’ in your daily life.

Some days, as a nomad, you need to master the skill of refocussing almost every hour

Searching for gigs on the internet, dealing with clients all over the world, working in different time zones, looking for places to work, fast internet and dealing with people around you relaxing while you work. It all takes a certain ability to concentrate on what is yours and important to you and your business.

Now when bigger things happen, like delay, sickness or, as in my case, the end of love, you need to be able to refocus even more.

Pick up where you left off before you:

  • fell in love
  • got sick
  • ran out of money

or whatever experience that took you out of your nomadic life or travel routine.

Real nomads do not stay long , but sometimes circumstances force us to do otherwise.

I fell in love, head over heals, and although I tried to resist it, it was a lost battle.
I had not been in love for over 8 years or so and I had forgotten how it felt.

It is a wonderful feeling.
I behaved like a total fool, like all people in love do and gave in to the urge of getting to know that person better and moved to a small island, with the worse internet connection ever.

And than I fell out of love, almost within three days after arriving there, with a rental for 2 months finding myself with way too much free-time and alone time.

And now I have to refocus.

I never though of spending so much time alone again, I though of full moon beach walks together with him, dining with him, maybe even have breakfast with him. I let go of my reclusive state of mind for him and now I have to refocus to embrace that same reclusive state of mind that I once loved so much.

It takes a lot of energy and time, and it takes the skill of refocussing

And all that time I do not spent on work or looking for work. That lack of discipline to divide my energy on reinventing myself, dealing with the break up that so cruelly interfered with my life and my work, has a deep impact. Less income probably, and less creativity and the daily struggle to get back in that unique state of being that once specified me.

I never knew it would be so hard to get back to being me again

Letting go of what might have been, and adapting to whom I was before I met him: the Nomadic Blogger


That same thing might happen when you get sick. And I do not mean a case of food poisoning, but severe sick, with hospitalisation and such. Something that takes you out of your normal travel routine. Out of your state of being nomadic.

Or when you run out of money and have to break with your travel routine for a while. Or even after a longer term rental you might feel a kind of hesitation to pack that backpack again and hit the road.

Nomads need to be able to refocus, to switch, to be flexible.
If you are not, you will not make it out there.
You will grow to hate your nomad life.

Do you have what it takes to be or become a nomad?

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