Riding mud roads and flooded streets

Riding mud roads and flooded streets

I collect a lot of footage. With the GoPro on the bike every ride,  it adds up. And now with the Sony action cam on the back of my sons motorbike, it becomes a massive amount of gigabytes.

This time I made a compilation of driving around after storms and heavy rain, like tropical depression Urduja (Kai-Tak) and the cold front surrounding upcoming storm Vinta.

It is amazing how the attitude of Filipinos is when it comes to flooded houses and ruined property. Bahala na. To me I cannot understand how people can life in the 21st century and still have this kind of ‘problems’. Why build your house near a river that goes wild every rain season? And how come the government rather spends millions on relieve goods instead of solving this problems?

I guess I see this country too much through first world eyes and with my endless problem solving mindset I kind of sit on the bike thinking about solutions.

Anyway, I have come so far mastering the art of dirt roads riding a street bike. I only got my license here in the Philippines a year ago.

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