Riding Nomad, a romantic and brutal lifestyle

Riding Nomad, a romantic and brutal lifestyle

I am a riding Nomad. And that may sound like a great lifestyle to some of you. Although I also come across people who do not like or understand it.

The other day I had a meet&greet with a school and some of the teenagers asked me why I do not settle down ‘like most people my age do’….as in: be normal, get yourself some chickens and a dog and sit in front of the house woman!

I do not think my explanation of that endless beckoning horizon was convincing. And some days I do not understand it myself. Like today, when I’m worn out of three days in the saddle and still producing dusty snot when I blow my nose. Even though I showered for half an hour to get all the dust from my body.

Riding nomads, people that own a motorbike and travel the world. who depend on hotels for a living place, laundry and a shower. And some of us even sleep in the open air and do laundry in the river. But that is where I draw the line. I do not wash in a river or pee in a bush. Gas station enough with CR’s and laundry can be done in hotels.
We ride, the road is our destiny, the horizon our goal and we love the feel of wind on our skin.

Sun in the back, wind on your face…..perfect life

It is a romantic life to many: being in a tropical destination riding a motorbike to where ever you want to go, and it seems pretty worry free.
And most of the time it is. It is also a challenging life. Specially when you get older. Yesterday I told a follower I met that there are days I can feel my age. I just turned 57 a week ago and sometimes I wonder also what the heck I’m doing.

My muscles ache of a steep descent of 35% at least, with a road worker not flagging me down in time and there was an approaching truck. God was I scared. Holding my bike 150 kg and the luggage on a gravel filled shoulder under that angle took a lot of muscle work.
Or the near death experiences when SUV’s think they own the road and especially my side of that road to overtake where they cannot, and miss you by an inch.

Some moments you face the fragility of life

We ride on road and off road and the Yamaha is not really suitable for those rocky rides. But I manage, and most days I love it!

Three days wearing the same clothes, three days of dirt, since the roads here are full of dust.
At the end of the day I take of a layer of dust from my skin, if I can take a shower at all. Sometimes there is no shower, you just quickly wash yourself down at the sink.

Being a riding nomad on the road is not a fancy lady thing. It is for women that love a challenge, do not mind a bad hair day every day and who love dirt.
Specially in remote areas where there aren’t many hotels to chose from.

But it has that romantic ring to it, riding into the sunset…..gosh, but do you also realize that same stunning sun blinds your vision, hahaha, I bet not. That is one of the practicalities you only discover when you are actually doing it.

At the moment I have a few days of rest in Naga City. I stay in a middle class hotel, enjoying a hot shower, having my breakfast at a table instead of standing in front of a bakery or Sari Sari store, and enjoying the fast hotel wifi.

In a few days I will be returning to the road. Ready to drive in the direction of the erupting volcano: Mount Mayon.

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