Road movies on Leaving Holland Channel

Road movies on Leaving Holland Channel

Did you know there is a YouTube Channel filled with One Minute Videos but also road movies? You can follow my trip from island to island in the Philippines, following the Philippine Nautical Highway and its side roads.

So far I have travelled the island of Siquijor, Negros, Panay, Mindoro, Luzon, Leyte and Bohol

Every island was an adventure and although many men say I should not drive a motorcycle in the Philippines. I manage pretty wel. I must say traffic in the rural ares is much easier to handle than around the big cities. Where Expresse Vans, busses and truck drivers, but also SUV drivers are very pushy and pushing their way to traffic regardless the costs.

I like speed, and long wide stretched roads are my favorites. But I do not always have a choice, sometimes my trip takes me over winging mountain roads like the Bicol zig-zag-route.

And I certainly loved riding on Siquijor Island, I really miss those roads and surprise views.

My YouTube channel is divided in several playlists:

  • One minute videos of Islands and cities
  • driving around
  • working in the Philippines
  • transportation
  • vlogs

just to name a few.

So it is easy for my subscribers to chose what ever they like and want to follow

I hope you join in one YouTube and become a subscriber and share my videos with family and friends on your social media. Some of them are interesting moments not everyone gets to witness, others are about this beautiful country and its culture.

Like roasting Lechon for fiesta:

Or that special moment Mangyan children spent their lunch time in Puerto Galera

Join in with all the other subscribers and get to know the Philippines through my lens.

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