Smashing Nifty Minidrive

Smashing Nifty Minidrive

The technical preps also have started, both Arnan from Floating Coconut and myself work on a 13 inch Macbook Air which we will be taking along. Yesterday I bought a Nifty to add extra memory capacity.

The Nifty is a minidrive and with the use of a mini SD card it adds more storage to my Macbook. It fits seamless in my SD card slot and covers up that dust gathering opening in my laptop. It’s almost invisible.Smashing Nifty Minidrive

The Nifty itself is an empty adaptor, it comes with a 4GB micro SD card. I’ve bought a 128Gb Sandisk micro SD card for even more storage. It will be my photo-and video library on the Nifty and I consider adding my iTunes library as well.  I’m sure it will fill automatically with tons or bits and bytes since my laptops disk space, which sounded huge when I bought it, more than half filled with data.

An additional 128GB might come in handy when traveling and taking lots of pictures and vlogging.


Time Machine back-up

my niftyFor the additional backup from my entire system I use an external hard drive. This will be replaced by an SSD (solid State Drive) Arnan figured that a shock proof backup drive will be much more solid and shockproof than my hard disk. I believed him in a sec.
So he will order us some new stuff to back up our system regularly. I make a Time machine back-up every week, but I might be backing-up my system more often while traveling.

I’m content with my new Nifty minidrive, but than again: I love gadgets.
Although I did not realize that it needed formatting before using it. The website said: plug an play, so I plugged and played stored my photos on it and was disappointed that it didn’t work. The entire photo library were there but I couldn’t open any pictures. Arnan fixed it for me by formatting the micro SD card.

Now I the proud owner of a huge storage capacity, and the new Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5″ SATA3 (SSD) will supply sufficient space to back up both the data on the micro SD card inside the Nifty and my laptop harddrive itself.

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