Sponsor me and my Motorcycle tour

Sponsor me and my Motorcycle tour

Why would you sponsor me?

Because I’m different from all the other young hip nomads, solo female travelers, worldcitizens and backpackers out there. I’m a 56, a female travelling through the Philippines on a Yamaha SZ150

So, when I can do it, wear it, eat it, use it, travel to it, your peer group can do it to!

Guisi Lighthouse
This is me, dreaming away and enjoying Guisi Lighthouse on Guimaras Island

In november 2016 I decided to travel through in the Philippines for as long as I enjoy the archipelago. Everything I own fits in a 40 liter pack and a small backpack. I live a minimalistic life.

And your brand or business can be a part of that adventure.

Does your target audience involve

  • travel to far away destinations
  • living their dream
  • digital nomad lifestyle
  • Motorcycle and roadtrips
  • pursuing happiness
  • escaping the 9-5
  • self employed business owners
  • expat life
  • the Philippines

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I write a lot about those subjects and my audience is a growing community of people with that shared interest. Either doers or dreamers, they all find their topic on my social media.

My personal touch in every article sharing without shame my feelings and fears, but also my happiness and joyous moments in my new lifestyle appeals to a large audience.
My motorcycle trip through these islands can be a platform for your business.

If I do not believe in your offer I will not endorse you, since I’m genuine, open and transparant. And so is my blog.
I speak my mind, and that mind can work for you.

Wherever I go I meet wonderful people, generous hotel owners and clever business men and women. And some of them have gone out of their way to make my life more comfortable. Free or reduced services have made my travel a wonderful experience. And they have asked nothing in return.

Schoen zetten

What if they did have asked something in return?

Your goal is to promote your product or location. I’ll help you do that.
There will be

  • A mention of sponsorship in all sponsored articles
  • Your logo and direct link on the special sponsorship page
  • Depending on our agreement I’ll write about your products in a promotional manner
  • I will give my opinion and tell my visitors how your product improved my life, or how it didn’t but may be useful to others
  • I will always be objective
  • I will promote your products on the website
  • I will promote your brand or business in the social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and last but not least my fast growing YouTube Channel
  • All articles will include quality pictures of your product
  • For brand building I will show your product actively and daily on both my YouTube Channel and Instagram.
  • Your product or business name will be used in titels and hashtags.

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And what is in it for me?

Well, I get to wear your clothes, shoes, beachwear, use your gear or gadgets, enjoy my stay or eat your food, and work my ass of for you to promote it. I will mention your brand/product throughout it’s lifespan or as long as I plan to stay at your place or our agreement lasts.

For example: send me clothing and I will wear it in every vlog and on every picture mentioning your brand. Sent me a camera and it’s brand name will be used in the title and the hashtags promoting the article, and it will be visible whenever I can show it.

Of course you have a say in which channels you prefer.

My readers and visitors, followers and likers become your target audience.

Over 1950 Facebook likes and growing
Over 475 Instagram followers and still counting
Over 1200 twitter followers and growing daily
Over 60,000 views on YouTube so far
And more than 5000 visitors on my fast growing blog monthly.

Both my website and YouTube Channel are fast growing businesses and I work hard every day to make it grow even faster. 

Interested? Send me an email!

info @ leavingholland.com

My website provides lots of free information, if you wish you can make a donation to keep it up and running.

Christmas in Iloilo

It is my desire to return good that has been done to me. And to mention those who have made me feel special. If you stay in their hotels/resorts I’m sure you will have the same experience. Make sure to drop me a line in social media if you do stay there, for it wil make me happy to know if you decide to do so. and tell the owners I, JC from Holland, send you and say ‘Hi’ to them for me.

This is a list of people, businesses and/or hotels and resorts that offered me discount, a free meal or upgraded my room, and went out of their way to make my stay a pleasant one, and asked nothing in return:

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