Stormy weather in the Philippines

Stormy weather in the Philippines

It is the rain season, one typhoon warning after another tropical storm notification is given by Dost-Pagasa.
And forceful winds beat up the coasts of this Archipelago. Some areas are more effected than others, like the north of Luzon is under heavy weather these last few weeks. But also east of Mindanao gets it pretty bad as do Samar en Leyte (again)

Traveling in the rain season and using public transport is always a challenge. Will the bus make it to the destination or will we be suck in a flood or landslide, or: will the ferry be allowed to leave the port.

Facing that problem again here in Sipalay, when visiting Sugar Beach, while all resorts are preparing for the storm, I am preparing to leave again. Sipalay will be in the slip stream of Typhoon Karen while another typhoon is entering the Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR) on Monday, just after Karen has left us.
Will the ferry to Bacolod leave? And how do I get to Sipalay Bus station if the boat can not bring me to town, the resorts at Sugar Beach are tucked away behind a river and it will be a challenge to leave this place.

In between the heavy rain I walk the beach as the wind drives the waves way up the land, eating away whole parts of the sugary sand. A lot of natural rubbish washes ashore and is taken back to sea again in an endless rhythm of coming and going.
I wonder about the forces of nature, and if this is only the slipstream how bad will it be in the middle? Once I was closer to a Typhoon than I have ever been and that was not even close enough to feel the full force and witness the effects.

The rain is so heavy that the streets of Sipalay are flooded, the resort area looks dull and closed, but behind the bamboo screens some (unlucky) tourist are trying to make the best of their holiday.
I always feel a bit sorry for those traveling here in the rain season. It must such a disappointment if you have two or three weeks of hurricane weather instead of sun blissed deckchair fun.

Electricity fails, water fails and internet fails, it is more fun in the Philippines to the max.

And it is all included in the price. The resort where I’m staying does not even have a working back-up generator. And the owner doesn’t seem to care. So no hot food, no showers and no lights……

Drinking water is coming from jerrycans and running out fast and I get a little annoyed, for the owner does not seem to care one bit. He is German and very full of himself and very bored with his life and his resort.
He keeps telling me I will never find a ferry to Iloilo from Bacolod and there will be no hotelrooms in Bacolod because of the fiesta. And I hear myself snap at him: I do not stay in a resort where there is no internet, electricity or water, I might as well sleep in the ferry terminal sir!

It shuts him up. For now.

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