The crazy traffic in Calapan City

The crazy traffic in Calapan City

Driving a motorcycle int he Philippines is madness. White men keep telling me that over and over again. And I know that the day I hit the pavement they will all say: Told you so!

I do not care so much for what they think. I’d rather think outside the box than inside and coloring between the lines has never been one of my skills. So, here I am, I got my driver’s license in the Philippines, I learned to drive from day one on Philippine roads. Previous experiences with driving were in South America when I was a teenager, and not a holder of a license. Or in de driving school in the Netherlands in yet another attempt to empty my wallet and not pass the exam.

I drive like a Filipino, only with more caution and insight. I can oversee what is going on on the road, other than most Filipinos that just drive (fast). “Who gets there first wins a prize” seems to be the only rule. And for me Calapan city is one of those places where that is proven to the max.

Cars, tricycles, trucks and motorcycles, left and right passing each other, using the shoulder of the road even if there is a yellow line. Giving right of way to anyone does not seem to be such a big issue here and traffic is always in the wrong lane when it comes to cross roads.

Here is a video of my first day driving in Calapan City center. Fasten your seatbelts!!

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