The Iloilo Museum

The Iloilo Museum

The modern somewhat cubist architectural building looks inviting. It is a bit hidden and that does the architecture of the building no right. It would be more findable and attractive if it were in an open space, so you could clearly see the contours of the building.

It looks modern, hip even. The coloured facade immediately draws your attention when you pass by on Bonifacio Drive.
The museum was build in 1971 and it is the first government sponsored museum outside Metro was designed by Sergio Villar Peñasales, born in 1935 in Iloilo. He is both registered architect and landscape architect.

The museum offers a variety of Iloilo and Panay history and artefacts.
The entrance fee is only 50 pesos and they even have a small museum shop.
The museum contains one large room and a smaller room. Which offer a weird combination of history and modern art.
Iloilo Museum
It is informative and although it is small and you can walk through it in less than half an hour, when you leave you have a good impression of the Ilonggo history, development over the centuries and its people.

It tells about the natives, the Spanish occupation and even the flirt of the Dutch wanting the isle of Panay te be one of their own colonies. It tells about the Chinese merchants that flocked the city once Manila gave up the rights to be the only port in the Archipelago of the Philippines. Their influence is still visible.
The museum temped me to take a city walk a look for the mentioned Spanish colonial houses, squares and the famous Calle Real and to see with my own eyes how this ‘City of Love’ must have looked in the old days.

Iloilo Museum

The most impressive to me was the fine material they have on display that was produced in Iloilo, the patterns are gorgeous and walking Calle Real I could imagine how the ladies would stroll the streets wearing these beautiful embroideries.

Museums address is: Bonifacio Drive, City proper
Museum opening hours are monday to saturday from 9 am till 5 pm
and on Sunday it opens it’s doors at 10 am and closes at 16 pm

There is a discount for students, when you show your student ID your fee is 15 pesos, all others pay 50 pesos.

Museo Iloilo

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