The Party in the Rain Barrel

The Party in the Rain Barrel

There was music coming from the bottom of the rain barrel. And when I looked inside I was amazed. Butterflies with violins and a sparrow playing the piano, a robin having a blast on a bass.

There were fairy lights and colored streamers, flowery guirlandes and Chinese lanterns swaying in the night breeze.

I so longed to join.
But I had to be a spectator, knowing my presence would ruin it all.

A kingfisher was dancing with a dragon fly, and as the dragon fly swirled around the kingfisher he laughed happily.

What an amazing world I thought, as if there are no worries. But why at the bottom of the rain barrel?
If it starts to rain all the Chinese lanterns will be spoiled and the butterflies will drown.

Why do you always have to spoil the fun, the big red cat from the neighbour asked me. He was sitting on the garden wall in the pale moonlight and purring loud.

I don’t know, it became a habit to think things through I guess, there is always cause and effect.
Decisions we make influence our lives and possibly lives of others, and even society and history.

Ah, a true believer of the butterfly effect, the cat smeared at me.

I paused to think. Not sure if that is a butterfly effect, I mean, the butterflies clearly use their wings to play the violin, for the butterfly effect they have to flap their wings, right?

In a way yes, the cat answered while the violins in the barrel started a new waltz.

The kingfisher and the dragonfly will have a blast, I thought.

Well, they are not flapping their wings, they play the violin.
Only the dragonfly is flapping tis wings, I tried to mesmerize the cat by thinking out loud.

Isn’t that my job? The cat asked while he grinned at me.
And I replied: you are not black.

We stared at each other in that strange night while the party in the rain barel continued as if we were not above them having a conversation about the chaos theory and clearly about my mind.
I’m sure they can overhear us, their music is not that loud, I thought.

And you do not think that a dragonfly can cause a large effect? The cat asked.
I’m not sure, his wings are different, my reply cane automatically, I dod not even feel to check if I were right, I knew I was.

Her wings my dear, she is a female. Her name is Sue, the cat said.y

Nice to meet you Sue, I shouted down the rain barrel.
Nice to meet you too JC, why don’t you come and join us? The dragonfly invited me.
I never fit, I told her, I’m too big.

If Alice can do it, so can you!

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