The Philippines equals: Turquoise

The Philippines equals: Turquoise

The Republic of the Philippines, being an archipelago, shows you a lot of sea view and ocean view.

With over 7000 islands, rates only number 73 in the world by it’s size.
And because of all those island it is number 5 of the countries in the world with the longest coastline:
1. Canada – 202,080 km (125,567 miles) of coastline
2. Indonesia – 54,716 km (33,998 miles) of coastline
3. Greenland – 44,087 km (27,394 miles) of coastline
4. Russia – 37,653 km (23,396 miles) of coastline
5. The Philippines – 36,289 km (22,548 miles) of coastline

Everywhere you go you meet the ocean

For that reason to me The Philippines equals turquoise. Because everywhere you go you meet the ocean. And that ocean is stunning in its colors. Mostly turquoise, but is holds every shade of green and blue.
And its color changes with the skies above and shifting daylight.

Crystal clear waters everywhere you look

Sometimes you have to look beyond the rubble that washes ashore. For the Philippines, just like many other countries, is victim of the pollution and some of its beaches are wasteland during monsoon or certain winds. But there has never been a beach in this country where I could not see clearly what was underneath my feet, swimming around me or ahead of me.

See for yourself:

I created a playlist for the best beaches in the Philippines, but my One minute Channel on YouTube also shows you per island the sea views and ‘Turquoise feel’ you get when visiting the Philippines:

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