The Void and the Dog

The Void and the Dog

There is a void in my chest. A big, dark, empty hollow space, where once love abided.
It feels strangely quiet this place, that, not so long ago, was filled with light, joy, butterflies, rainbows, is now abandoned.

Disappointment came and emptied it, distrust redecorated the walls with sadness.
And as time goes by the patterns of the wall paper will fade. It always does, but it may take a while.

I see a couple walking the white sand beach in the pale morning light. They look so happy, so in love, so together.
I sip my morning coffee and the bitter taste fills my mouth.

I grieve, I tell the dog who is sitting next to me, and i hate you for not being him sitting next to me.
This all could be his, and more. But he decided otherwise.

Fetch the stick!
The dog runs unto the beach, searching for a stick I never threw.
Now you are like me, I confide in him, you are being played. You think I like you because I play with you.
But that is all that is is: play.
Make believe.
I never threw that stick.
You are like me: searching for something that is not there. And never was.

Better come and sit again, you silly dog. Sit with me, and stare at the horizon and forget.
Fill that void with morning light of a brand new day.

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