There are many more like him

There are many more like him

As her journey continues she realises that he is everywhere
even physically

bold head
strong arms
deep brown eyes
flat nose

He is all around her

he is the pool-boy
the guard at the mall
the barber sitting outside his venue waiting for customers

he is the dive instructor
the hotel maintenance man
the man sitting in a cafe watching the world pass by

when eyes lock for a brief second before she turns away her head
showing nothing but indifference
it dawns on her, that he was not unique
that he embodied many

staring at her
trying to talk to her
seeking her attention

as she passes in her determined freedom
hiding the turmoil inside

every time their words hit her solid facade
listening to her kind rejection
inside her memories tumble over each other
spoken words and promises of the past
bounce up the loneliness in her chest

when she finally refused him, she refused all

she rebuilds the wall around her being
the wall he so clever broke down
she makes it stronger
fortifies it from the new experience
that there will be only abuse
in letting any of them in.

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