There is a big storm coming

There is a big storm coming

We are in the middle of the rain season. I thought we had entered the dry season already, but somehow we have not. I always get confused about the seasonal changes and the winds here. There is Habagat and El Niño and La Niña, the last one is created over cold seas and brings storms and cold weather.
And cold it is.

Go to the Philippines they said, nice warm weather they said

I wear a sweater and socks, and at night there is no need for a fan or air con. The sea breeze that turns into strong wind every now and then keeps to cottage below comfortable and some nights I wake up to close the shutters for it is way too cold.

In the bay ships are seeking refuge from the storm that enters Samar today. We had a warning as well, but on the Dost-Pagasa Website (government weather bureau) we seem o be out of the danger zone.
Heavy winds and rain, that is all, but that is no different from an average day at the moment.

Like yesterday, we went for a ride, after being in the cottage for a while it gets smaller and smaller, time to hit the road and widen my vision. So a ride it was. Cloudy skies, strong winds testing my balance on the motorbike. Winding roads in the mountains still aren’t my favorites, as aren’t the muddy flooded roads going deeper into the mountains. We never made it that far. Rain forced us to go back early and although the River near Tukuran Falls looks majestic and full of muddy water, there was nog much to see.

The other road ended in a total flood, driving the Yamaha through a river and deep puddles is not wise, I cannot see the rocks and the motorbike is simply to low for rocky roads. It is a street bike. My next one should be semi off road and a little more horse power to overtake those annoying SUV’s owned by Filipinos that got there drivers license through a fixer or something.

They honk and push so you let them pass and drive in the middle of the road, speeding up on the straight parts and slowing down to almost zero in the curves.
And they all seem to suffer from visual disability, they cannot look further than 2 meters over the hood. Totally crazy and dangerous. In an average ride I have a close encounter with death 2 times caused by a SUV being on the wrong side of the road or overtaking where you cannot see oncoming traffic.

I’m adjusting to the climate. The months of sweating without air con finally pay off

As well as I am adjusting to the climate, the more annoying cultural differences seem to become every day. I do need my quiet time in the cottage and the beach front more than anything now with the noise pollution and attitude of this country creeping up my turf.

The island of Mindoro……No! Not true, lets specify that: The Puerto Galera Area does not do me well and I feel further away from the Philippines here than ever. It is a different culture here in Puerto Galera, and a different attitude. Once I reach San Teodoro and beyond I get to see the real Philippines and meet true Filipinos again.

Lucky for me the parcel from the USA has arrived. Very fast delivery through LBC Shipping cart and in January we are ready to roll.

To the other side of Mindoro, the Occidental side. Where people seem to be more easy going and friendly. For now we await the storm.
I see the skies turn more grey and the sunrise of this morning is easily forgotten when I look at the dark skies further down the coastline.

My thoughts are with those in the eye of the storm, may they be safe.

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