Tips for great Social Media Profiles

Tips for great Social Media Profiles

Owner of a brand new blog and ready for business, that is you! You signed on for twitter, created a Facebook page, and because you are a smart website owner, you know where to find your peer group on social media so maybe you opened Pinterest, Instagram or any of the many options you have.

But how do these profiles look? Are they optimized to get you visitors? Do they tell a story that is continuous, that shares your core business? Does your profile tempt the need of future prospects to click on your website and become costumers?

To be visible on the digital world is one of the keys to success these days, whether you are a designer, a writer or financial advisor, when you are a freelancer, you should be out there. Exposure counts.
And if you want to reach out, you need to have a good profile and keep it updated.

Here are a few quick ways to improve or update your social media profiles.
It will only take you a few minutes each. Use the Social Media time sheet to make your own schedule by using your time wisely and this will never be a bother in your busy schedule.

Show your face

For all your profiles you use (if possible) the same powerful profile picture. Now I have a few steps to go there as well, since I do believe I do not look very good in pictures it has always been a struggle for me to find the right profile picture, but believe me it works, recently I changed the picture on my YouTube Channel and Facebook page and the subscribers increased again.

I personally believe it is a good thing to show your face, instead of your logo. But that depends a little bit on what kind of business you are. Are you a large company, show your logo. But small businesses like mine, that thrive on personal interaction with costumers and prospects, do show your face. People love to know whom they are dealing with.

Make sure your profile picture matches your business profile. As an accountant or online advisor you should have a totally different picture than as an adventurous travel blogger. And when using LinkedIn or, you do not use a profile picture of you skydiving, or kissing your first born, you keep it strictly business.

When using the right profile picture you create a professional compelling social media presence. If that is what you want.

Those of you that returned here after reading about starting a blog and a business and have written a plan, you all know what your business is about and what you would like to present to the world. Well, here is the profit of your hard labour: Use a profile picture that matches your business

With that superb photo comes a killer bio

After the first glance people took at your photo, your bio is the second moment to draw attention.
I love to write a perfect sales pitch and add a personal touch to it to explain the reader what I offer, what to expect and how they can benefit from following me.

This pitch should be continues, if grows on you while working your business, but every social media should have a resemblance of that same pitch, that same bio.


Again awesomeness rules here. Make it smashing, make sure the website colors are present, make sure the logo is there (if any) make sure that people know what they look at.

If you have problems creating a smashing cover-photo, feel free to contact me and I will do it for you. You can read about my services here

Connect Social Media together

Make sure that your social media network is present everywhere: on your website, Facebook, Instagram, everywhere where the option is available you add all your social media. Even in Gravatar (WordPress Service) Blogger (Blog Platform) and other services like that. By the way: do not forget your LinkedIn.

Create a business page on LinkedIn

I’m not a fan of LinkedIn, you will not find me there. But many people who do benefit from LinkedIn, forget to create a business page on LinkedIn. Next to your personal portfolio profile you can also open a business page. And when posting blogs there through the RSS feed you can become an influencer. This will give you massive exposure among professionals like yourself.

LinkedIn Tip: Make sure your ‘Headline” matches your pitch.
Not enough space? Continue in your summary.

Create your own custom URL on the social platforms that offer one

Some social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest create the custom URL by default. But Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ ask you specific to create one yourself. Use your business name and if not available add something to it that makes sense, like adding an underscore or f.e. when you use your name add your profession to it.

I use my website name as custom URL, I do that everywhere, for both websites. This way I create maximum exposure and the search index groups everything together, in the search results people will also find my tweets, FaceBook posts etc.

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a Facebook url with a random line of numbers, it will pop up in every shared post and snippet, and you miss out on a great branding opportunity.

Pro tips per social media platform

Write your bio and about section carefully. And if written, check every now and than if everything still matches your business profile, maybe you have added a service or taken one out? Changed your phone number? Make sure it is up to date always.

You own your Facebook page, this is set in the page roll. You being the owner is an option you can hide or make public, my suggestion is that you make it public, so people can get in touch with you if they want to.

Struggling with your Facebook page? You might find this article interesting Why your Facebook-page isn’t working

Twitter Background
We web-surfers are very visual. Use the opportunity of Twitter to create a background that matches your website and colours.
This way people will automatically recognise name and colours without having a huge culture shock.

I do not care much for Google+, it always seems nearly death there, but I do have some of my posts automatically updates there, like my YouTube Videos. And my profile matches the rest of my brand.

Make sure your have a nice tagline, that your bio corresponds with the Facebook Bio.
Remember: Consistency Counts!!

General Tips:

  • make sure you add the right website- link to all your bios, either the front page of your website or a special page on your website.
  • connect with other people
  • get your website verified if needed, it makes you look serious and professional
  • write as if you are sitting opposite of your viewers
  • tell a story, do not sum up
  • consider converting your Pinterest profile into a business profile
  • keep your portfolio up to date, check it every 3 months, schedule that in your calendar.
  • ask people for reviews and recommendations
  • make sure to add website urls to your Pinterest pins and boards.
  • adjust privacy setting accordingly, you want every one to know, make everything public.\

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them.  Did I leave anything out, by all means, comment and help others.

And please share this post with others. Thank you.


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