Tips on how to redefine yourself

Tips on how to redefine yourself

Even nomads, living a dream-life to some of those sitting in their 9-5 cubicles, hit a brick wall every now and then. Due to circumstances on the road or in their personal life. Life consists of ups and downs. Sometimes you may face a moment when you’re unable to feel happy.

Maybe that is a good time to change the main concepts of your life for better.
Now if you are in that office job, or any other job wishing you could travel the world and work online, maybe this is a good article for you as well.

From time to time it’s desirable to set new priorities that will fill your life with interesting adventures and events.
A change directions can bring new business opportunities into your life and maybe even some new friends.

The process of redefining your life can heal various mental problems and conditions and can stimulate your personal growth

Because of fear many people lose valuable opportunities. They might think that life changes are something unidentified and unsafe, and only for a happy few.

If you are ready to redefine (parts of) your life, please do continue reading and learn the how-to’s from me, I reinvented myself at the age of 54 and have no regrets ever since.

1. What defines you?

Family has never been the main factor in my life, nor have friends. I love a reclusive lifestyle and that defines who I am. Other people might find that different and have family as a high priority, others may have their careers at the top of their list.
Take a moment to realize what defines you? be honest with yourself and write it down: Who are you, what are the most important elements in your daily life. What drives you, what keeps you going and motivated.

Thinking about yourself this way can open new doors in your mind, you may get inspired to set new values or standards and bring back happiness into your life.

2. Create a list of bad habits and new qualities

After step one, you may have a clear idea of your bad habits and qualities as well. Maybe it is time to cultivate new qualities and get rid of some bad habits.
Crete a list of both of them, bad habits and qualities.
Getting rid of bad stuff and cultivating the good and maybe even some new qualities added you may improve your personality.
Maybe you need to be more empathic, more brave or more reclusive.
Maybe you have to become more active and break with a bad lifestyle, be more disciplined.
The list you create will help you to focus on a new set of skills for your future.

3. Friends come and go

It might not be on purpose, but maybe it will happen: while redefining yourself you might lose some friends. People come and go, and maybe to save energy and get a more positieve outlook in your life you need to break with some friends and get new friendships. Friends that fill you up with constant negativity are maybe the first ones you have to let go.
Start searching for new friends that stimulate you, lift you up and encourage you.
Find people that think alike. People you can reflect yourself to and that you recognize because of their life goals and values.

4. Keep track of your changes

Nothing stimulates life changes more than keeping track of goals reached. You can either do that by journaling, of writing your personal development plan, a kind of living document that you pull out every so often to check if your still on track and make re-adjustments.

Others like to express changes and development in mood books or even decoratieve mood boards.
But make your growth visible.

5. Do what you love most, follow a passion

Nothing gives more pleasure than doing what you love most. And nothing is easier lost in this society than doing just that. With obligations on every street corner, you lose track of your passions so easily. 
Again, make a list of all those things that make you happy. And not just happy happy, but passionate happy, devoted happy, crazy happy, from toes to head. The sky is the limit.
Just dream away as you create that list.
And make them your goals.
Realize them.
Set a realistic time line and follow your plan, add skills, get rid of habits and grow.

No one can live your life better than you. Create the life you want

Set realistic goals and be truthful to yourself. Uncover and discard beliefs that no longer serve you. Let go of labels and judgements and have an open mindset to greet each day as a new opportunity to embrace new possibilities. Your options are limitless as long as you listen to your heart instead of the voice of others.

Don’t think of past experiences for they will only fill you with fear. Live in the here and now and dream of the future and let go of past tense sentences and approach in your life.

So what if you failed in the past, that does not mean you will fail this time.
Take lessons learned form past experiences and use them to create the new and better position for yourself in this society. Follow your dreams because you can.

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