Today I was about to throw in the towel

Today I was about to throw in the towel

All those rules and laws in the Netherlands do not give you a feeling of freedom at all. Yes, they do, as long as you live your quiet happy little life and do not want to break away from every day 9-5 paths.

I need to end my Dutch Health Insurance. For my son that was done in a sec. He mailed them he was leaving the country, they send him a form, he filled in out send it back, all done by email and they replied he was no longer ALLOWED to have a health insurance in the Netherlands. ALLOWED! It is mandatory to have one, but who cares about the terminology, right?

So I mailed my health-insurance at the same day. it took them about 4 days longer to reply. I cannot unsubscribe unless I can proof that I’m definitely leaving the country. Right.
How does one proof that? Back to Google search.
You can proof that by a statement from your city government. Okay, the city government will unsubscribe you from the city council registration (BRP former GBA). They will provide you with a letter stating you actually unlisted and leaving the country. They will only do so if you give a new address.
They will only do so 4 weeks before the actual day of departure.
And they will send the letter I need so badly to end my health insurance after 5 working days to my ned address by snail mail.

So much for the digital era.
I do not have an address, I will be always on the move…….mail in the Philippines is most likely not to arrive ever!
They are just not that organized there and streets sometimes don’t even have a name let alone houses have a number.

The insurance company doesn’t care, it is my problem. The city desk has ‘to look into the matter’ of sending the letter of proof directly to my health insurance or digitally to me through mail.
I’m the first one ever to ask.

next problem: I notified my debit card that I’m about to leave the country. Please do not block my card, I will be overseas for a while.
They replied: I do not have security clearance for overseas withdrawal. Good grief! Why did nobody tell me that before?

So, I have to unlock the security level for overseas withdrawal so they can block my card if they think what is happening in Asia looks suspicious, for they will not enter any notification to my card number.
I have to upload a photocopy (!) or photo of an original bill send to me by mail (no downloads and no black and white allowed) from an electricity company, bank statement or car papers. I have neither of those.
I decided long time ago to live as paperless as life could be since everything is digital available. So why sawing down a tree?
Not their problem, either that or no overseas withdrawal.

I forged one. I printed a downloaded bank statement, made a photo with my iPhone and uploaded it to their security department. And decided not to use my debit card as much as I thought I would.
With special thanks to all those swindlers ruining the credit card business for those happy users.

I mean, once they block my card, they have to send me a new one, but they only want to ship it to my last registered address. And I won’t be there to pick it up. This world, specially the financial world is so fucked up.

Same with my mortgage. I tried to contact the bank, had to figure out which bank, since the guys that provided me with the money are not my bank. Now I have 5 options of banks that might have provided the money for my mortgage. How the hell am I to know wich one is the one I need to talk to? Lucky for me that problem was solved before I even abase myself into calling the first one on the list.

All those rules all the different regulations, the lack of flexibility it is killing really. There is no such thing as freedom once you life in the Netherlands or the European Union for all that matters.

So today I was about to throw in the towel. I sat on the couch starring to the rain and I thought: I just go on a short vacation, use the return ticket and go home again. I’ll fit in the straight-jacket of rules and regulations again and live my pity little life here in the Netherlands for the remaining of my days.
But than the sun broke through the clouds. I kicked myself int he ass and thought of a solution. Let’s hope it will work.

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