Villa Paulina Resort, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

Villa Paulina Resort, San Jose, Mindoro Occidental

San Jose offers a great variety of resorts and hotels, but they are rather pricy.
After a little bargaining we rented 2 rooms in Villa Paulina Resort.

The boutique style resort looks great. The rooms are wonderfully decorated and have that ring of ancestral houses to them. but unfortunately they come with free cockroaches.
And the hotel is well aware of it, for they spray the bathroom upon arrival of the guests and place the bins strategically on the drainage.

Tip for the hotel staff: if you spray in one room they will come out in the next rooms!!

We stayed in 3 different rooms, all had roaches

The hotel looks clean at first sight, but when you take a closer look the bathroom is not clean at all. Hairs from guest stuck in the corners and behind the toilet is it a mess.

I promised to write a review for a discount, we left a night sooner than planned due to all the bugs. Who wants to end up with a roach in your luggage? Right?

I told the hotel I would be honest in my review, and although they apologized I do not believe they were very impressed by guest fleeing from the roaches.

Villa Paulina Resort could be such a great place. It is a quiet haven at the sea. Beautifully decorated and a great venue to have a party.
It is a shame that they do not use a sewer system that prevents roaches from crawling out and do not train the hotel staff in cleanness and how to maintain a clean room without previous guest hairs and dirt.

The free breakfast that is served in the upstairs (tiny) restaurant area is okay. Not too well prepared and served cold.

Price quality balance is very bad due to the state of hygiene.

Would I stay here again? No, there are many hotels in San José. I will try another one next time I pass there.

But if you’d like to stay in Valla Paulina Spa and Resort, than click here to book your stay. 

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