Visiting a Zoo in the Philippines

Visiting a Zoo in the Philippines

The first time I visited a zoo in the Philippines I was shocked. I visited Siliman’s Zoo in Dumaguete: Centrop. Gosh what a disaster of a zoo that was/is.

It is still burned in my brains, the horrid cages and the poverty and hungry animals.

After that I have visited more zoo’s like the one in Cebu city and the little zoo at the Balete Tree in Siquijor. And recently the one in Calapan.

I must say, coming from a first world country and remembering zoo’s there, visiting a zoo in the Philippines may come as a huge shock to you. it did to mee. The cages are really that: cages and nothing more. Nothing like a natural habitat and sometimes not even food since there is a shortage on budget all over the country for something as extravagant as a zoo. The tigers in Calapan were in very poor condition and even in the Cebu Zoo where they tried so hard to make ends meet, there were dead animals.

I promised myself not to go to a zoo anymore it is definitely not a place for softhearted people like myself.

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