What to do with travel photos?

What to do with travel photos?

People often ask me, what I do for a living.

Well, not much. I travel and write and making photos/videos.
Does that pay the bills? Yes, it can pay bills.

As a world citizen I have a nomadic lifestyle and with that comes the digital work.
Among the things I do I found a way to make all those hundreds of photos create an income for me.

I sell my travel photos.
They are usable for many purposes but especially for bloggers and website owners that want to use unique photos instead of the all-time-so-not-done-anymore stock-photos.

My extended license price is 50% lower on most recent photos

I recently started lowering my extended license price. I do that for a reason. I want them to be affordable for you to buy and use as much as you like.
Too many people still believe you can just use any picture from the internet on your website, print or merchandise.

Once I was in a restaurant that actually stole photos from a colleague shop owner on Creative Market for the menu, the watermarking was still in it, such cheap ass behaviour since the photos cost so little.
So I decided to lower my price and my extended license rate to make them even more affordable for people to buy.

Leaving Holland Photography presents a wide variety of subjects

  • industrial
  • nature
  • everyday things
  • street views
  • materials
  • architecture
  • people

And for example the photos of abandoned buildings and eerie landscapes make great basic photos to create matte paintings for digital artist and game developers.

If there is nothing of your liking in the shop or you have a special wish, please do contact me.
I love to hear about your project.

Here are the latest updates in the webshop:

Buy now at Leaving Holland Photography

Buy Now at Leaving Holland Photography

Buy now at Leaving Holland Photography

Buy now at Leaving Holland Photography

Buy now at Leaving Holland Photography

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