When a website fails to succeed

When a website fails to succeed

When I website fails to succeed, and I do not mean a business website, but a personal one, one has to think about the costs involved and the time spent on doing research writing articles and promoting the blog.

About 10 years ago it was so easy, just open a blog on any platform and start blogging and there you go: you have an audience, interaction and hits.
But since Google is changing the internet more and more to a knowledge database and rules the algorithms like an Omnipotent, some of us are in total loss of what is happening.

The idea for the future is that personal blogs will disappear in the background and only the big players make it out there. There will be no longer room on the front pages of Google search for personal experience and the daily musings of a random blogger. The internet has to become a giant database of knowledgeable websites and brands, so  we can consult instantly when we need information in a nanosecond.

Most website and marketing guru’s tell you your (personal) website fails because:

  • visitors don’t identify with the written content and
  • the graphic design of the website
  • the content doesn’t create desire
  • the content does not build trust, help decide, and make action easy
  • the website does not appear in the first two pages of search engine results
  • the website is not build conform to usability and accessibility guidelines
  • the code  used in the theme is nog google friendly
  • the website is not responsive
  • the seo sucks

They tempt you to buy services that are slightly unexplainable and guarantee no results when it comes to increase of your interaction or future growth.

But what if you have all of the above right? What if your code is good, the usability of the website is good, you do appear on the first page of Google Search, so your SEO is good as well? What if you have a responsive theme and a fast website? But you still see no increase of visitors after years of struggling?

Maybe we bloggers are fighting dragons. It is my opinion that Google rules out smaller (personal) websites and that they will be encouraged to move to platforms like Facebook, WordPress-com and Blogger, to serve the greater masters of advertisement.

But I also think Google is overlooking it’s purpose here and forgetting about the other half of the world struggling with old Nokia phones, slow internet and no knowledge whatsoever of the usage of the internet as a knowledgebase filled with advertisement.

I live in the Philippines, and although many people here have Facebook, they are pretty unaware of what Google Search can add to their lives and the internet is so expensive and the people are so poor, that internet is only for the happy few and for those that get free access.

Facebook eagerly jumps in and is free available for everybody in the Philippines. No date needed! And that is how they’ve become the greatest platform in the world

So here you are, website owner, since everybody also promotes that you should leave the trustworthy platforms and host your website by yourself. You already know it takes a long time, at least 2 years before your website can be labelled as successful or failure, but you are nearly there: your 2 years of ‘content writing, seo studying and theme changing’- blogging career is heading for that final date…..and after a certain growth that made you hopeful there is a halt. And for a while there has been no increase of clicks, no interaction whatsoever and yet, you are still hopeful.

Although a small voice in your head starts whispering that maybe it is not worth all the effort you put into it. Maybe you should stop this nonsense and move on to another career or hobby and abandon the dream of becoming a successful blogger.

And yes, maybe you should.

It is my believe that in the near future website of hobby bloggers and smaller businesses will all be in the back rows of Google rankings and therefore out of business. Some Marketing strategists already tell you that one of the reasons that your website is not successful is because nobody cares what you eat, how your day went and what you are going to do during the holidays. That is fun knowledge for your aunty Judy or your grandma, but not for the fast changing internet users anymore.

People want to know how to do things, how to solve problems and how to get to the next level of their lives. They are eager for knowledge. That is why you are prompted to use headlines that use emotional words and answer questions.
Google starts showing summaries if the knowledge websites share on the search results, so traffic is guided away from your website.

People just Google and read the answer, they do not want to click anymore than necessary

Visibility of your blog or website is changed rapidly to visibility for the greater benefit of Google. Google claims that visitors do not like to browse, they want instant access to the information they are looking for.

And yet that information is not always trustworthy. Outdated posts are often in the top 10 of searchresults, and false information and news is everywhere on the internet, with catchy titles,  used as clickbait to raise revenue.

Should we, small (personal)bloggers, simply give up?

I have been a blogger ever since blogging was invented. It has become a way of life for me. I think in blog-moments. I loved it! Yes, past tense.

I do not love it anymore. Working from a tropical destination with white beaches at my doorstep and gorgious waterfalls within reach I wonder more and more why I am doing this. Why I spent so much time writing ‘catchy content my readers can identify with’ and battling Google. For that is how it feels, I’m in a battle that I’m bound to lose.

I do not say I give up. This website is found in the first pages of Google search results on many topics. But the hosting costs, versus time and effort, the little revenue and interaction……weighing it all……? I might change my lifestyle in the near future and put this domainname up for sale. Move to another platform that is growing new followers constantly, like my Facebook pages or my YouTube channel.

So where do you stand? how about you and your blogging career?

On the internet you find people telling us that blogging is the future, I believe so, but I do not believe we all can become great influencers. There are simply too many out there. And I do not believe it will be solely on a self hosted website. Maybe bloggers will be influencers on LinkedIn and Facebook.

So some have to leave the arena and throw in the towel. Are you among those?
I cannot decide for you, all I can tell you is that you have to take another look at your blog or website and decide whether or not it is worth the cost and effort. Is it worth all the time you spent in it.

Maybe run a work-timer-app when you start blogging? To see how much time you spent. I know for me it is always like: I quickly write an article…..and then a few hours later half my day is gone. A day I could have spent otherwise.
Not to mention my budget on hosting costs.

Google demands a fast website, nanoseconds to open on any device. My hostings costs are killing me

You make a list with pro’s and con’s and be realistic about your blogging career. What does it add to your life? Is it worth the time and money spent on it? What does it bring you? How happy are you when you hit the keypad?

Are you still as eager as you were when you started? Probably not, otherwise you would not have searched the internet and ended up here. 

personal adviceThe floor is yours, tell me your experiences and thoughts on this subject.


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One thought on “When a website fails to succeed

  1. Jij blogt als een professional.
    Terwijl ik denk dat bloggen over het hoogtepunt is.

    Facebook, Instagram en vloggen zijn nu belangrijker en groter.

    Vriendelijke groet,