Why did I leave the Netherlands

Why did I leave the Netherlands

People often ask me the question why I left the Netherlands. There are many reasons. Today I answer that question on my YouTube channel and my blog.

A decission to leave your homecountry behind for ever does not come easy. Although the jhorizon may beg you to cross and search what lies beyond, once you start serious preparations you face many questions, doubts and even fear, all mixed with that sense of excitement for a new future, a second chance.

It took a while before I was really ready to go, at the age of 54, it is a huge step to take

I was on the verge of my pension, well, that is what it looked like, but with pension funds crumbling away and the government changing the persion age time and time again, I realised when I lost my job due to cutbacks, that I had to work for over 12 years before I could retire.
And at my age finding a new job is sheer impossible. I was unemployed for over 2 years when I gave up. I tried being self-employed, I tried a business. But the economical crisis made it hard, it was nearly impossible to survive under all the taxes, rules and regulations from both Europe and the Dutch Government.

And the deadline was nearing, I owned a house and social benefit is not payed to house owners

The opportunity came along to join my son to go to Asia. To have a second chance in life. And here I am. It took a lot of thinking and adjusting, but in the end I decided to jump in the deep end. I sold everything I owned and left.

In the video I explain even more about the reasons why I left.

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