Why LinkedIn does not work for me anymore

Why LinkedIn does not work for me anymore

Some of my followers may have seen me pop up on LinkedIn. I thought it might be useful. I used to love LinkedIn and connecting to people there, expanding my network and matching questions and people together, creating opportunities.

So I thought after being away for many years: let’s give it a go.

Profile made, and the suggested people started to show, and I realised how limited a platform as LinkedIn actually is. As if I only want to connect to old co-workers and faces from the past.
Yet, not adding my working experienced kept me in a void, so I had to, and after that LinkedIn became totally useless to me.

My past caught up with me with the speed of light

I saw my former co-workers preferences, their likes, their comments, only to realise how small their world is, how narrow minded the Western world is and how embedded corporate thinking is in the brains of those working 9-5/5 days a week.

I commented somewhere, only to be burned down to the ground for my opinion, not by one, but by many. To receive a message stating: who do you think you are? What is your contribution to the world, escaping the 9-5, and now adding nothing of any worth. Spending your days idle.

I was shocked. This inmail actually came from a guy with a Phd

I felt upset, shocked, and angry, only to realise that he couldn’t help himself. This is how it works in the Western corporate world: eat or be eaten.
Co-workers are preys. And yes, you tend to lovingly work together on the surface, but all you do underneath the politeness  is seeking attention for your own profit. You want to gain from connecting, and if there is nothing to gain, than you kill. Verbally slaughter a person and you distance yourself as fast as you can.
Like if  that person is a leper.

The irony is that the topic that marked me as a looser was about stigmatising

When I overcame my first shock I realised that I had freed myself even more from this corporate world than I could have ever imagined. Living in a third world country changes you. My first trip when I was 18, to South America already set me aside from ‘the others’ but now, not because it made me better, but it made me different. And now, ….gosh I so do not fit in anymore.

The narrow mindedness of people that do not know how people in the rest of the world actually live, those who think they know best for others, those who make the rules and the laws, initiate the projects, are those that are living so far away from the reality.

One has to wonder?

  • Do they know that in the Philippines, or any other poor country, there still are villages without running water?
  • Do they know that in the Philippines, or any other poor country, there are houses without electricity?
  • Do they know that in the Philippines, or any other third world country, people still cook on wood fires, outside or even inside the house?
  • Do they know that in the Philippines, or any other country where the West outsources low paid jobs to, people work 6 or 7 days a week for an income in the West a teenager would not even deliver newspapers?

Do they know? And if they know….do they really KNOW, like: realise the impact of such basic stuff??

Do they realise that refugees coming from countries similar to the Philippines probably never lived in a concrete house? Not knowing what happens when you flush a toilet? Or light a fire in the living room?

I bet decision-makers, project leaders and governance developers know nothing of such. The closest they get to poverty is watching children with malnutrition bellies on the 8 o’clock news. I bet all those talking about integration, stigmatizing and cultural assimilation, were never touched by a dirty hand of a beggar sleeping in the streets begging for food.

I bet those who judge co-workers and fellow LinkedIn-ers  for their world vision without reading profiles, know nothing of such and that only working within the safe boundaries of their expertise makes them narrow minded and discontented with anything that works outside a box or anyone thinking outside a box.

The Western world, in all their tolerance and endless discussions about cultural assimilation has cultivated a huge attitude of intolerance

All that remains now is grasping at straws only not to admit they were wrong about so many things. They will en masse lose face if they admit they needed a change of course many years ago. And out of self protection they burn others, that dare to speak up, to the ground.

They figure that if they change history they can still fix things. If they change the dictionary by forbidding words usage, they can repair the damage done. And they discuss long hours about matters that, on a world scale, will change nothing, only to juice up their resumés with fancy titles and projects with zero result.

I’ve been there, I worked there. I can name so many projects, so much waste of time and money and so many people got damaged in the process.

It all rushed back to me in those few days I was on LinkedIn

LinkedIn and I are done. Period. I deleted my account. I do not understand those wandering around there, writing articles about matters that do not really matter when you are stopped by 3 hungry children age 3, 4 and 5, outside McDonalds that have no shoes, no underwear and haven’t seen a proper bath in months, and no parents to help them.

You do not find that kind of experience on LinkedIn.

What I add to this world??
…..it’s none of your business!!

But I assure you it will not look good on a corporate resumé and it will not bring me to the top of the business world.
That’s for sure.

But I do not give a shit about that.

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