Will becoming a freelancer work for you?

Will becoming a freelancer work for you?

Yesterday I wrote about the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur. Today we will look more specific to the qualities and skills, but also job ideas for freelance work.

Suppose you want to leave the 9-5 mentality from the corporate business and office jobs and start to work as a self-employed well skilled person, what does it take?

You will be your own business manager, bookkeeper, accountant, marketing manager, SEO and maybe even SEA specialist, and you need to find yourself projects on a regular basis to provide you with an income that will cover the costs. And maybe even give you a good pension as well.

Lets see if becoming a freelancer works for you

Being a digital nomad or not, living the life of an expat in a foreign country or stay at home and leave the 9-5 desk mentality of a corporation, you can become a freelancer or even an entrepreneur.

You make a damn good freelancer if you:

  • are a people skilled person – outgoing, friendly, empathy, you’ll benefit from those qualities
    have great communication skills (you need to sell something and be convincing in it)
  • have a good sense of humor – you’ll need it, it makes you a nicer person and you need to handle a lot of rejection
  • are self-confident – you can do it!
  • believe in yourself and your service – have a fantastic elevator pitch and sell yourself)
  • are exceptional in your field – it is a battle field out there!! There are freelancers that work for pennies and lots of people prefer cheap over quality)
  • enjoy creativity – you will need that to express yourself, find yourself ways to sell yourself, to expand your services and present them in an attractive way.
  • like working alone – because that is the case, you will mostly work alone
  • are a great networker – you need people around you, other freelancers and (former) clients to promote your business and services
  • are flexible – clients want to adjust, rearrange, reschedule and you need to go with the flow
  • can handle deadlines – they can be killing!
  • can live with uncertainty – not finding any projects can be scary
  • can live on a budget – you need to save up for rainy days, do your own accounting and make sure bills get paid

What kind of professions make good business?

Well, I believe freelance work can be done in almost every profession, but you do need a good pair of brains and some business skills like listed above. Although offices and factories usually do not employ freelance contractors a lot, it is an upcoming thing.

Not every freelance job allows you to travel the world while working, but when thinking creatively you might be more flexible than you think and with a good sales pitch maybe you can convince more companies than expected.

So jobs that make good freelance jobs:

  • photographer, musician, teacher
  • journalist, writer, copy writer, novelist
  • agricultural work, farm work, housekeeping, chauffeur
  • maintenance, repair, construction work, building, plumbing, welding
  • social work, healthcare, nursing, personal trainer, coach, therapist
  • software developer, IT business, web developer, SEO specialist
  • marketing and communication, social media expert, event planner
  • consultant, financial adviser, personal planners
  • administration, translation, virtual assistant, auditing

Actually the list is endless!

More important in your choice is the skills that make you an expert, the amount of experience to build you a portfolio and the will to escape that save environment of regular paychecks and annual bonuses and lets not forget the obligated 2 weeks summer break.

Do you have the determination to put yourself out there as a product? To show a prospect that they miss out on something exclusive if they do not hire your expertise for that one particular job you set your mind to?

If you can do that, you will make an excellent freelancer.


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