Women following their Dreams

Women following their Dreams

Hi there, nice that you plan on joining me in expending your comfort zone. No matter what your future dream is, you can find a topic here to help you develop towards that dream. There is a special categorie on personal development that will help you live any dream you like.

The emphasis of the articles will be on moving abroad, specially to the Philippines. It is a ‘Western-men-culture’ here in the so called expat community. And only a few (single) women live here permanently or travel here long term.
I welcome it that there will be more balance in the Western population retiring in the Philippines. More and more women find their way to this beautiful country, to enjoy a much more affordable lifestyle and who knows, maybe even a Filipino partner to share their future with.

Many men come here to find an affordable life and a (young) girlfriend. And believe me, although daily life is becoming more expensive than you  may have read on the boards and posts elsewhere, but it is still worthwhile to follow all those men to the white beaches, lovely country homes and cool comfy hills.

I share my experience with you, woman to woman, since there are topics men simply do not cover

All the articles make good reads for women

  • that will be here short term, like on outplacement,
  • travel long term and maybe even for those traveling short term wondering about female stuff
  • and those that want to retire
  • but also for those that have an entirely different dream they want to pursue.

I will share with you on every topic but if I have left something out, please feel free to contact me on info @ leavingholland. com

So Leaving Holland – for women only, will be a fast growing database for those women that want to check out the borders of their comfort zone and go beyond.

And maybe we run into each other some day!

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