About this Blog

About this Blog

Hi there, welcome to Leaving Holland, a personal blog with a fast growing audience, that covers several subjects.

  • JC from Holland’s diary and personal experiences in the Philippines
  • Travel
  • Filipino life, love and relationships
  • The Philippines as a  destination to retire

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Interview swap

Looking for an interesting article for your website? Lets do an interview swap.

I did an interview already with Stingy Nomad and the developer of Adrotate for WordPress, both nomads traveling the world and working from any country thay visit, both got a chance to promote their latest products.


  • you ask me questions through mail
  • I ask you questions through mail
  • no editing of answers
  • max 1500 words
  • we post the answered questions including a link to each others website
  • we both promote the articles in all social media available
  • we both supply photos and related material
  • no mass advertisements
  • posting within 1 month

For examples you can take a look at the previous interviews:


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