About Leaving Holland Blog

Leaving Holland is a website for people that want to cross borders. Physical borders, by moving to another country, and personal borders in following their dreams and therefore sometimes stepping outside their comfort zone.

The website comes in 2 languages, English and Dutch, with the emphasise on Dutch. Therefor on the front page, you will see articles mixed in both languages. But all the main features and structure-text on the website is in English. To serve you better you can pick your language at the top of the front page.

Topics covered on Leaving Holland are:

  • Living in the Philippines, the Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, to name a few
  • Living a nomadic lifestyle, working online and travelling
  • Living and moving abroad and how to prepare
  • Cost of living in different countries
  • Visa rules and application for the countries I have visited
  • Dating and relationships

Leaving Holland is a place for people that love to colour outside the lines


  • The website is available in both Dutch and English (pic your language  at the top of the front page)
  • All information on this website is free
  • Most pages will open in a new tab in your browser
  • The website has strategically placed advertisement which earns me money to pay for daily expenses
  • The website has occasional affiliate links that will cost you nothing but adds a little to my hosting payment
  • The website offers different services for which Terms of Services and privacy rules apply, those are available here
  • There are donation-buttons on the website to cover website expenses and pay for the time I use to keep this website up, running and informative.

More info:

  • in 2020 the website moved from iPage hosting to Namecheap hosting to achieve better website performance
  • the website had a huge re-organization in November 2019
  • in 2019  the website had an average of over 9,000 visitors a month, 2020 so far is looking great!
  • most visitors visit the website from the Philippines, The USA, and the Netherlands, but visitors do come from all over the world
  • The website was founded in 2015

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How to participate in Leaving Holland?

Guest bloggers wanted

Interview swap

Looking for an interesting article for your website? Let’s do an interview swap.

I did an interview already with Stingy Nomad and the developer of Adrotate for WordPress, both nomads travelling the world and working from any country they visit, both got a chance to promote their latest products.


  • you ask me questions through mail
  • I ask you questions through mail
  • no editing of answers
  • max 1500 words
  • we post the answered questions including a link to each others website
  • we both promote the articles in all social media available
  • we both supply photos and related material
  • no mass advertisements
  • posting within 1 month

For examples you can take a look at the previous interviews:

YOu can use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Guest posts and sponsored articles

Leaving Holland does accept guest posts and sponsored articles, that are on-topic and found to be useful for the audience. So it is up to me, JC from Holland to decide whether or not your article is of value to the website. There is no discussion on the matter.   You can send your submission to info @ leavingholland.com

An average article has no more than 1,000 words and is in English, with no plagiarism and comes with royalty-free pictures size 1030×440 (50mb).

After approval of your submission, I await your payment of 80 us$ through PayPal, after receiving the payment you can submit your article, and it will be placed with a maximum of 2 (no-follow) links, within 2 weeks’ time after final approval. It will be categorized on the website structure as I see fit best, and send in the RSS feed of the monthly newsletter.

If you want an extra advertisement in the newsletter or a highlight, with links to your product/website, there is an additional payment of 20 US$.

I also schedule your article on the Facebook page publishing cue.

Advertisement in the sidebar of the website

Advertisement in the sidebar of the website is possible if the ad is appropriate and of interest for my visitors, submit your relevant ad for approval:

  • 250×250 US$ 25 per month
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All ads will be placed in the website lower sidebar (below the fold) which is shown on the home page and blog posts.

Leaving Holland has an average visitor rate of 375 unique visitors per day and the newsletter has 200+ subscribers with a click rate of 15%. The Facebook page has 1200+ original likes (no paid likes).

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