• Mexican Immigration Form

    The Mexico Immigration Form

    Planning to travel to Mexico but you are confused about what kind of visa you need? No worries! Mexico has very easy visa rules. You probably won’t even need a visa. Most people visiting Mexico can enter the country on…

  • troubleshooting about FMM Mexico

    Frequently asked questions about the Mexican FMM

    <<<<< When you have doubts about if you should use an FMM, please read the previous post Troubleshooting, FAQ about the problems and FMM FMM’s get lost, are not stamped the right date or get overstayed. Let me shed some…

  • FMM or visa Mexico

    Is the FMM the same as a visa in Mexico?

    There is a lot of confusion about visas and the FMM in the blog post I read on the internet on this subject. Even I made the mistake in the beginning. For it is so common for countries to work…

  • Mexico

    How to get a CURP number in Mexico

    I got my temporary resident card the other day, and boy was I disappointed that the Cancun office told me my CURP is not on that card. It is only added on the card for the Permanent Resident Cardholders. Although…

  • Mexico

    Waiting time Resident Permit Cancun

    This week I finally collected my temporary resident card at the Immigration office in Cancun. It was a hideous wait full of uncertainties since the process is rather obscure and unclear. I learned a few things: Bureaucracy in Mexico is…

  • Mexico

    Immigration Status Mexico explained

    The process of obtaining your temporary resident card in Mexico after arrival with your pre-approved visa from the consulate is a procedure done totally in Spanish. 

And although many people hire a lawyer to do this so-called “tramite” for them,…