• price cataract surgery

    What does a cataract surgery cost in Mexico

    Prices for cataract surgery in Mexico may vary from location to location and from clinic to clinic. When you have surgery done close to the American border or in a tourist area, you pay a lot more than when you…

  • Chetumal worth a visit

    Fun things to do in Chetumal, Mexico

    Chetumal is the state capital of Quintana Roo and the nearest city near the Belize border. From Chetumal, you can travel by car or walk across the border. When you walk you take a taxi from the Freezone into Belize.…

  • Mexico

    I live in Mexico on 1000 euros a month!

    After my stay in the Philippines and my numerous posts on living on a budget in the Philippines I moved to Mexico and decided not to post every penny spend here. Yet I do get questions about the cost of…

  • Mexico

    A visit to a doctor in Mexico

    There are several reasons why you need to see a doctor in Mexico. Besides being sick I mean. You might need a doctor for an annual checkup because you feel unwell need a “valoracíon preoperatoria”, (a preoperative validation) or you…

  • Mexico

    How to get a CURP number in Mexico

    I got my temporary resident card the other day, and boy was I disappointed that the Cancun office told me my CURP is not on that card. It is only added on the card for the Permanent Resident Cardholders. Although…

  • Mexico

    Waiting time Resident Permit Cancun

    This week I finally collected my temporary resident card at the Immigration office in Cancun. It was a hideous wait full of uncertainties since the process is rather obscure and unclear. I learned a few things: Bureaucracy in Mexico is…