• Unhappy nomad life
    Daily Life

    The Unhappy Nomad

    It starts to seep through the search results: The unhappy nomad. Digital nomads who find that ‘the lifestyle’ does not live up to their expectations. When I read a post and replies on Reddit, I learn that that unhappy nomad…

  • Mexico digital nomads

    Can you work as a freelancer in Mexico?

    Mexico has long been a favorite of US and Canadian freelancers who’ve decided to take their work on the road. With its reliable high-speed internet, and a lot of amazing (beach) locations Mexico seems like a great place to work…

  • What does it take to be an entrepreneur

    What does it take to become an entrepreneur?

    I interviewed Arnan de Gans, a young Dutch entrepreneur and developer of the famous AdRotate for WordPress plugin. What started as a (still available) free product for WordPress users became a business that helped him to fulfill his dream: a…