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Sometimes we dream of starting over, of escape, of a totally new life
somewhere far away, in a foreign country.
We want to redefine ourselves and
become new people with a new future and a fresh start.

Reading the Articles on leaving Holland Website will help you make that start. It will help you prepare for your new future in your new home country.


Start preparing for your Emigration!

Latest Articles

Identity Crisis

All that is me will be gone

The moment I go pass the passport control at Schiphol Airport I leave my Dutch life behind me. And all that is me will be gone. There are days that I really need to catch my breath on that part ...
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Famous Fast Food Restaurants in the Netherland

Looking for famous fast-food restaurants in the Netherlands you will find plenty. Holland offers your old-time favorites when it comes to burgers, pizza and coffee, and even Wok to Walk. Burgers You will find a Burger King Restaurant in almost ...
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What does my handwriting say about me

What does my Handwriting say about me?

When I started writing a diary, I trained myself in another handwriting. More square with block letters only, way different from the round, messy handwriting I use for notes, grocery lists and doodles. It’s a bit like a comic book ...
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Writings from the heart

All my blogging life I have been a blogger that writes from the heart. Now, in the new surroundings from I find it hard to write in that same style. English is not my first language and words still ...
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Red light district netherlands

Is it common for Dutch men to visit the Red Light district?

A while ago someone from India popped a message in my Facebook Messenger asking me about the infidelity of men in the Netherlands and whether it is common for them to visit the Red Light district. Or to go to ...
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Road trip to Den Bosch

Den Bosch here we come!

Today my son and I are heading off to the beautiful city of Den Bosch. It will take a few hours by train to get there and we plan on indulging ourselves to the famous Bossche Bol. We also have ...
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Cost of living in the Netherlands

Working and living in the Netherlands

In the last couple of days, I get lots of questions about working and living in the Netherlands. Many people in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa think the Netherlands is a piece of heaven money wise. Let me give you some ...
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follow your heart live your dreams

Live your dreams and follow your heart

Throwing away my life is not always well accepted by people I shared my story way back in 2015 when I prepared to leave the Netherlands for good. Because that's how they see it: I'm throwing away my life. I'm ...
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the digital nomad thing

Women Traveling Alone

People ask me if I'm not afraid of travelling as a single woman or living in a foreign country all alone. Well, for me it is a little bit different of course because I will be travelling with my son ...
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