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Sometimes we dream of starting over, of escape, of a totally new life
somewhere far away, in a foreign country.
We want to redefine ourselves and
become new people with a new future and a fresh start.

Reading the Articles on leaving Holland Website will help you make that start. It will help you prepare for your new future in your new home country.


Start preparing for your Emigration!

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Having a cataract procedure done in Playa del Carmen

I could no longer ignore it, the optometrist in the Philippines already mentioned a cataract, but things worsened quicker then I hoped for. The bright Mexican sun probably played a role in that. I started to see a halo around ...
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A visit to a doctor in Mexico

There are several reasons why you need to see a doctor in Mexico. Besides being sick I mean. You might need a doctor for an annual checkup because you feel unwell need a "valoracíon preoperatoria", (a preoperative validation) or you ...
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How to change your address in Mexico at INM Offices

So many stories on the internet, I almost drowned in it! It is so hard to find actual information that is still valid today. One says this the other says that and what does Immigration say? That is hard to ...
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How to get a CURP number in Mexico

I got my temporary resident card the other day, and boy was I disappointed that the Cancun office told me my CURP is not on that card. It is only added on the card for the Permanent Resident Cardholders. Although ...
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Waiting time Resident Permit Cancun

This week I finally collected my temporary resident card at the Immigration office in Cancun. It was a hideous wait full of uncertainties since the process is rather obscure and unclear. I learned a few things: Bureaucracy in Mexico is ...
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How is the beach in Playa del Carmen 2019

Because of the enormous problems with the seaweed (sargasso) in Quintana Roo, Mexico, many people booking a hotel in the Riviera Maya search the internet for updates on the status of the beaches. I walk the beach every day and ...
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Is Playa del Carmen, Mexico safe for travelers

I have been living in Playa del Carmen for just under a year. I moved here after Have lived in Cancún for a while. I do not live in the hotel zone of Playa del Carmen, called Playacar or close ...
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Immigration Status Mexico explained

The process of obtaining your temporary resident card in Mexico after arrival with your pre-approved visa from the consulate is a procedure done totally in Spanish. 

And although many people hire a lawyer to do this so-called “tramite” for them, ...
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Is it possible to run away from your debts?

When you feel trapped by the debts you've built over the years, the thought may arise: Can I escape my creditors? What if I move to a far corner of the earth and just wait for the legal time to ...
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8 Things to do in Playa Del Carmen that are not expensive!

Playa del Carmen, Mexico is fun to be, especially when the beaches and the water are free from seaweed. The city is a buzzing, fast-growing tourist hub with long stretches of white beaches, lots of nightclubs and bars and 5th ...
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